What to Expect From a Bathroom Renovation

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A Peter Conlan Bathroom Renovations Melbourne, Victoria project isn’t as easy as it looks on TV, and many homeowners have had disastrous results. Hiring a professional home construction company is a much better option. Some of the top reasons people renovate their homes are to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, increase their home’s curb appeal, and create additional outdoor living space. In addition, you can enjoy a spa-like environment, with a bathroom renovation Melbourne project.

Bathroom Renovation Went Smoothly Without Any Hiccups

Whether you want an ultra-modern, luxury bathroom or a traditional, practical one, you can find a reputable bathroom renovation Melbourne company to complete the project for you. You can choose a bathroom renovation Melbourne company that focuses on the aesthetics and luxury of the entire home. Many bathroom renovation specialists focus on luxury and uniqueness when renovating a bathroom. You can even choose a bathroom renovation Melbourne expert to handle the project.

To complete the process, a bathroom renovation Melbourne team of qualified contractors will replace the existing plumbing and electrical systems, as well as install new fixtures. They can also carry out other tasks such as floor levelling and waterproofing. Once the tile is in place, the contractors can install new bathroom furniture. You can also ask them to install new faucets and glass fixtures. After all the tradies are finished, the renovators will clean up any leftover bits. They may recommend hiring a cleaning company to make sure the area is spotless.

The cost of a bathroom renovation will depend largely on the size of your bathroom. Most bathrooms in Australia are tiled. Tilers charge a flat rate per square metre, which is approximately $35 to $120. The average cost of laying bathroom tiles is $60 per square metre. That cost doesn’t include the tiles. However, it’s a good indication of what to expect. The next step in bathroom renovation Melbourne is choosing the materials and finishes.

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