What Is Moleskin Fabric?

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moleskin fabric

moleskin fabric is a heavy cotton fabric that has a suede-like nap. However, unlike velour and chamois, moleskin feels a little less plush than suede. It’s also often used in clothing. Moleskin is durable and is highly resistant to wear.

The fabric was originally used by European hunters and farmers for warmth and comfort during cold days. It was later used as a workwear material in the 19th century. Steelworkers would wear it as aprons, jackets, and pants. The texture and feel of the fabric is both luxurious and durable.

moleskin fabric¬† also has a soft brushed hand. While moleskin is not as common as denim, it’s considered to be one of the most supple and durable fabrics on the market. Its softness makes it an excellent alternative to wool and linen.

Cleaning moleskin garments is fairly easy. You can either dry clean them or wash them inside out on a gentle cycle. However, you should avoid repeated washings, since they’ll wear down the fabric. It’s also recommended to dry-clean moleskin garments to reduce the chances of color fading.

Medical uses for moleskin include healing friction wounds, avoiding callous injury, and treating blisters. The fabric has an adhesive backing on one side. Once applied, it cushions the affected area and prevents further abrasion. Unlike other bandages, moleskin also provides a cushion for the healing process. It also reduces the chances of chafing, rubbing, and irritation.

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