What is Moderation Assist on Facebook?

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What is moderation assist on facebook

What is moderation assist on Facebook  enables pages to save time by automatically hiding comments that don’t align with the page’s content guidelines. Page managers can also select specific criteria they want to hide comments under, and then view the results of that filtering in the page’s Professional Dashboard section. Facebook is rolling out this feature in time for Safer Internet Day and says it is designed to help creators keep their communities safe.

The feature essentially works by looking at cues like the words used in the comment, emoji reactions and names of the commenters as well as the date of the comment on the post. It can then recommend that certain comments be hidden using a pre-set criteria and can do so at scale for up to 30 days. Facebook also wants to show page managers the reasons why comments were hidden in this Activity Log section of the feature.

Unlocking the Power of Facebook Moderation Assistance: Tips and Strategies for a Safe Online Space

It is a useful tool for Facebook Group Admins too who can use it to free up their time by automating the process of moderating posts. The company is also adding more comment moderation controls like the ability to block users along with their future accounts and new keyword blocking options that can hide comments containing variations of keywords such as numbers, symbols and alternative spellings. Moreover, the platform is testing out new live support for troubleshooting. Facebook will provide a link to the page where the comment was removed so that the user knows that their comment was taken down.

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