Tilt in Space Wheelchair For Lasting Comfort

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In any wheelchair, whether a rise and recline chair, care chair, or wheelchair, it’s important to have a tilt in space feature. It’s the ability to change your position by shifting your weight, which can prevent pressure injuries and sores from developing.

How do you adjust the tilt on a space wheelchair?

Tilt in space wheelchair for lasting comfort is an incredibly useful feature for anyone that spends large amounts of time in a wheelchair. It improves posture, increases functionality and comfort, and reduces the risk of complications such as shear forces, postural deviations, skin breakdown, respiratory issues and digestive problems.

As the name suggests, a tilt in space wheelchair allows the user to recline their seat and backrest at different incremental angles. This helps to redistribute pressure, which in turn can help to prevent pressure sores and skin ulcers from forming. Larger angles of tilt can also help to support good posture, reduce sliding, and enhance blood flow around the body.

When a person is confined to a wheelchair for long periods of time, it can be difficult for them to shift their positions, especially without the help of a carer. Having the option to tilt in space can make this process much easier for both the user and their caregiver. It can also mean that they’re able to get out and about more often, which in turn leads to greater independence for the individual. For more information on the benefits of a tilt in space wheelchair, be sure to check out our article on the topic.

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