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A retro Perro is not just a likeness of a person—it also captures the essence of a pet. That’s why the portrait of a beloved dog or cat can help strengthen your bond with them, and even make them feel more confident about themselves. “A picture is a powerful reminder that you’re always there for them, and can give them a sense of security that their space in your home isn’t for any random dog or cat,” Kat Corrigan says. “It reminds them that their space in your life is theirs.”

From Furry Friend to Artistic Masterpiece: The World of Pet Portraiture

Corrigan, a New York-based writer and videographer who started painting pet portraits after a friend asked for one of her own, adds that it’s important to get several photos before starting a portrait — because the same animal can look different in photos depending on things like lighting, the setting, or how long since they were at the groomer. She advises pet owners to try to take a photo with their pets from the front, rather than the side, and to zoom in on specific details, like cowlicks or paw marks.

If you want to create a portrait of your pet or beloved furry friends, there are many options on Etsy. For example, you can send in a digital photo to Ukraine-based Annell Happy Watercolor and they’ll hand-paint it onto high-quality paper. They offer a variety of sizes and have excellent customer ratings, with more than 12,000 sales. You can also commission a charcoal drawing from the Etsy shop Sheppard Portraits, which offers custom sizing and can draw people as well as animals.

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