Mornington Peninsula Myotherapy & Massage

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Mornington Peninsula Myotherapy & Massage is the peninsula’s leading massage and myotherapy providers. They are an AWARD winning team you can rely on.

The leading myotherapy Mornington team will help relieve any aches and pains a weekly massage into your self-care routine is a powerful tool in helping you manage stress, anxiety and depression. Regular massage has been shown to decrease cortisol levels and increase serotonin and dopamine production which is essential in promoting mental wellbeing.

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments by application of pressure with hands. There are many different types of massage and they all have specific benefits for the body.

Remedial Massage is a deep tissue therapy that can be combined with Dry Needling and Corrective Exercise to treat soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. It involves comprehensive assessment, treatment and preventative management through deep tissue massage, dry needling & stretching.

The Art of Myotherapy: How This Technique Complements Massage in Mornington Peninsula

Located in Carrum Downs, Chokdee Massage provides specialist remedial and sports massage to clients who want to get back on track. The team is made up of highly trained and experienced massage therapists who have a strong passion for health and wellness.

Getting a full body massage in Mornington is an excellent way to relax and melt away the stresses of daily life. It increases blood circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system, releasing those feel good endorphins. Check out the best local massage therapists near you on Bookwell and start unwinding today.

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