Minecraft Party Supplies

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Minecraft party supplies are a hot commodity these days. They are a great way to create an imaginative celebration for kids who love the game!

Minecraft Birthday Party Supplies Party Supplies Canada

With a little planning, you can throw a fun and budget-friendly Minecraft party that your kid will absolutely love! Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for a boy or a girl, this theme is sure to be a hit!

Tableware for 16 Guests: Plates, Napkins, and Cups

This minecraft party supplies pack includes square green pixel inspired plates, green cups and black napkins. It also comes with a set of Creeper face balloons.

Dessert Table Backdrop: Square Paper Plates

This great party table backdrop uses square paper plates to create an awesome Minecraft-inspired dessert table! It looks so cool, and it’s easy to make as well.

The dessert table features a number of different Minecraft treats, including a cake made by the hosts. There are also plenty of ice cream sundaes topped with candy rocks and gems, as well as a “mix your own brew” soda and juice beverage station!

Pins for Minecraft Players: Plastic and metal pins are a great way to add some fun to your Minecraft party. You’ll need a few sets of these to go around the party!

Favor Boxes: Fill these foil gold bar Minecraft-themed favor boxes with small gifts for your guests. They’re a great way to give your guests something to take home from the party!

You can easily get your hands on these party supplies online. The prices are usually pretty reasonable, too!

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