Microdose Mushrooms For Sale

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microdose mushrooms for sale

Buying high-quality legal psilocybin mushrooms can be tricky when you’re looking for a safe, reliable source. Look for reputable online vendors who have trust seals from recognized Internet security providers and carefully detail their privacy policies. They also use stealthy shipping methods to safeguard your purchase from prying eyes.

Microdose mushrooms for sale has grown in popularity but there is little scientific research on the subject. The term refers to consuming very low, non-hallucinogenic doses of various serotonergic psychedelic substances, including lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and psilocybin, the active compound found in several species of mushroom in the genus Psilocybe. The practice is typically self-directed and does not follow a set schedule, which may make it difficult to compare the effects of different dosing strategies.

Navigating the Market: Where to Find and How to Use Microdosing Mushrooms Safely

In a new study, Dutch scientists aimed to see whether psilocybin microdoses have the anecdotal effects that many users describe. They found that while psilocybin microdoses don’t improve two types of problem-solving tests, they do have positive effects on fluid intelligence—a measure of creativity that is related to mental flexibility and abstract reasoning.

To conduct the study, participants consumed a small amount of dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and completed three standard psychological tests, including one that measures fluid intelligence. The researchers then ran chemical analysis on the mushroom samples to determine how much psilocybin they contained. They also used a portable EEG device to record brain activity, measuring power in four frequency bands: delta (0-4 Hz), theta (4-8 Hz), alpha (8-12 Hz), and beta (12-20 Hz). Resting state EEG data revealed that a psilocybin mushroom microdose attenuated the power of the beta band, which is associated with attentiveness and focus.

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