Land Rover Defender Custom

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land rover defender custom

Anyone who loves classic cars and classic style will love a land rover defender custom. The truck was once the go-to for tough-as-nails, off-road adventurers, but today it has a more comfortable interior and modern tech to match its off-road prowess.

The best land rover defender custom are a mix of beefed-up, luxed-out builds that pay homage to the original and one-of-a-kind retro rides that stand out in the crowd. There are plenty of customization options available, from swapping diesel engines to replacing the stodgy Rover V8 with a Chevy small-block LS V-8.

If you want a land rover defender custom that’s built to take on the outdoors, look no further than this matte black version from German firm Matzker. It’s not only a stylish and badass vehicle, but it’s also fully equipped with a camper that will let you pack up everything you need for an epic adventure.

Unique Land Rover Defender Customizations to Inspire Your Next Project

Founder Aaron Richardet, who is the company’s chief engineer, has been a fan of the Land Rover Defender since he first saw one in 1993, and his obsession eventually turned into a business. He resurrects the pre-1997 Defender 90, 110 and 130 in his Wilmington, North Carolina, workshop and builds them from the ground up with custom color schemes that incorporate exterior paint and leather.

ECD Automotive Design, formerly East Coast Defender, is an industry leader in Defender restoration and specializes in customized rides that suit the driving style of the primary driver. During the build process, the team takes into account the client’s home, how they plan to use the vehicle and their stature, enabling them to craft a Defender that will be perfectly suited to the driving lifestyle.

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